Catalogue Chokes-Programme

Chokes are in general inductive passive devices, that limit currents, save energy, filter and match acoustic impedance. Their use is to supply electric and electronic devices with power. Also they’re used in high- and low-frequency engineering and with devices needed for power electronics.

In our catalogue we depicted chokes as single-phase and three-phase ones. Furthermore we manufacture customised chokes with ferrite cores as ring-core chokes and as Electronic-Transformer-Design (ETD) made for usage as PFC-chokes in high-frequency engineering. Our custom-built supply consists of du/dt-filters, smoothing chokes, sine filters and interphase
reactors in direct current circuits. Please, have a look through our catalogue and if you do have some questions or requests don’t hesitate to contact us. Our application form has been specially designed to meet your needs when it comes to customised chokes.