UPS Systems & Frequency Converter

UPS systems are technical devices in the field of electrical engineering that ensure that important systems and equipment continue to be supplied with power without interruption during power fluctuations. UPS stands for uninterruptible power supply. Electronic devices that are connected to critical systems depend on a continuous, flawless power supply. In many cases, a minimal interruption in power can cause data loss or shut down life-saving systems. A UPS system is a power supply system that protects electrical equipment and devices from power interruptions during power outages or power interruptions. If a power failure occurs, the UPS system maintains the power supply without interruption until the mains supply is restored or a generator switches the supply back on. Nowadays, a sudden power blackout will have an immense impact on most businesses and government agencies. However, in addition to power blackouts, electrical equipment can be negatively impacted by other electrical loads. So, electrical devices are susceptible to undervoltage, overvoltage, voltage sags, power outages, voltage spikes, etc. These types of electrical loads can also have a negative impact on sensitive equipment. So, a UPS system offers the easy way to guarantee an uninterruptible power supply and thus ensures the lasting operability of the digitalized world. UPS systems are divided into three categories, UPS Offline/Standby, UPS Line Interactive, UPS Online/Double Conversion.

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Offline/Standby UPS System

This type of UPS system only protects against mains failures and short-term voltage fluctuations, but provides an uninterruptible supply through a backup battery. Any undervoltages or overvoltages are not compensated. Offline UPS, however, automatically switch to battery operation in the event of under- or overvoltage. Due to the switching time to battery operation of 4 to 10 ms, faults below this time are not detected.

Line Interactive UPS System

This UPS works similar to an offline UPS. It protects against mains failure, short-term voltage fluctuations and can also control voltage fluctuations permanently. Line Interactive UPS systems are used in areas affected by voltage fluctuations and ensure a reliable uninterruptible power supply.

Online UPS System

The Online UPS is the most complex and comprehensive solution for an uninterruptible power supply. When using an online UPS, the backup battery or battery charger is replaced by an inverter. Online UPS thus counts as a power generator which can generate its own permanent mains voltage. In addition to the permanent power supply, this UPS charges the battery at the same time. The input voltage may fluctuate, but the output voltage corresponds to a sinusoidal curve and has better characteristics than power from a wall socket. In addition, online UPS have galvanic isolation or an isolation transformer to filter even more interference through the ground wire. Due to the permanent load of these UPS systems, electrical losses as well as heat losses occur, and thus reduce the efficiency of the UPS to 90%. Due to the permanent load on the battery, the service life here is about 3 to 4 years.