Forschung und Entwicklung bei Breimer-Roth

The future
begins with us

We invest in research to develop now what the
technology of tomorrow needs.
Breimer-Roth stands for the future - in transformation.
If you want to be fit for the future, you need to experiment and have to recognise the signals on the market. Supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economics and Energy, we are dedicated to the topics of the future and are researching solutions that will change transformer construction.

Research and Development at Breimer-Roth GmbH

Enthusiasm for technical innovations is our motivation. We are constantly developing our products and processes and ensuring that we always surpass the state of the art in the process. We invest a lot – and we use funding from the ZIM program, the Central Innovation Program for SMEs, which is offered by the German Federal Ministry of Economics for precisely these purposes. Customers, partners and suppliers thus rightly perceive our company as an innovation leader. In these projects, our R&D team is always able to go beyond itself and test technological limits. And in the particularly competitive personnel market, we want to send the message through the transparent presentation of our R&D projects that real challenges can be found at Breimer-Roth. And that with economic strength and sustainably created substance.


Bau von Transformatoren - Breimer-Roth

Passive-intrinsic inrush current limiting of low-voltage transformers

The purpose of the project applied for is to develop a new generation of three-phase transformers up to 1000 kVA with passive-intrinsic inrush current limitation while maintaining a high efficiency of >98% during continuous operation. The challenge is that high efficiency transformers have high inrush currents and vice versa. The inrush current should be limited to a maximum of 2 times the rated current during continuous operation. Novel, functional design combined with innovative approaches to passive control of the inrush current should make this possible:
1. dynamic air gaps that disappear due to thermal expansion of the core material
2. asymmetrical, split arrangements of primary and secondary windings
3. local saturation of the core material by an additional winding supplied with direct current
4. reduction or complete elimination of the remanence of the core by cyclic traversal of the
hysteresis curve after shutdown

Innovationen bei Breimer-Roth

Development of a new plug-in core technology for 3-phase transformers including manufacturing & measurement technology

The objective is to develop a new generation of three-phase transformers based on plug-in core technology, for which the necessary production and measurement techniques are also to be developed at the same time.

The production time for transformers of this power class is to be reduced from currently about 6h to 8h to 1h in the future. At the same time, the efficiency is to be increased from currently about 92% to 96%, which corresponds to a halving of the power loss. Since direct visual inspection after the joining process is no longer possible, the correct performance of the core assembly is to be verified by a new type of acoustic inspection of the vibration behavior of the core.

Humidity detection system with capacitive measurement in damp rooms

The project is still in the development stage.