ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is a quality management standard. This specific standard describes optimized quality management within a company or authority. ISO 9001 specifies the requirements for the certification of quality management systems both nationally and internationally. This means that ISO 9001 specifies a minimum requirement for a quality management system that a company must fulfill in order to meet the requirements of customers and authorities. The quality management system is subject to a continuous improvement process and comprises all measures for planning, controlling and optimizing processes based on specified requirements with the aim of improving the quality of a product or service. The principles and requirements of a quality management system are laid down in ISO 9001.

Quality management is used to achieve a certain quality of a product or service within a company. As the term quality is very abstract and difficult to define uniformly, the ISO develops uniform guidelines and standards that can be measured objectively. In order to achieve a certain quality of products or services within an organization, the planning, control, monitoring and improvement of processes is optimized – process optimization. The goal of quality management is therefore not just the end product, but the targeted improvement of internal structures, processes and procedures of organizations, with the aim of making all processes measurable. The ISO 9001 standard was formulated to visualize and structure these steps.

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