Transformers, chokes and accessories

The transformer factory Breimer-Roth GmbH produces transformers and chokes accordance with the current standard EN61558 or DIN VDE0570. Optionally with UL approval. Please find here our current selection of products or ask us, if you need a special design.

Our catalogue for download

Detailed information about our standard program as well as the total scope of our services can be found in our current catalogue. At this point you can also download a detailed description of our UL standards or approvals in transformer and control cabinet construction.

Alternatively, you can also use our online flip-through catalogue.

UL - approved acc. to UL5085

For the use of our transformers and electrical components, we have UL approvals in various categories.
According to which standard and which category code the corresponding product is approved, you can find out under the menu item "Online Certification Directory". Breimer-Roth has approvals for the standards Construction Only, electrical insulation system, full approval, approval for switchgears.

Read more about our UL approvals

Our after-sales service

You do not appreciate interruptions? Neither do we.
Take advantage of our service.
Thanks to production with state-of-the-art machines and a high copper content, our transformers, chokes and control cabinets are already designed for exceptional longevity and running stability. Regular maintenance can prevent signs of wear. If required, we will gladly offer you a suitable after-sales concept.
For us, quality means optimising all development and production processes right from the start.
Wolfgang and Nicole Orio - Management