Transformer for Medical Rooms

Transformers for medical rooms are isolating transformers according to EN 61558-2-15 with double or reinforced insulation. Between the input and output windings there is a shielding winding which is connected to an insulated terminal. Single-phase transformers have a centre tap for connecting insulation monitoring on the output side. The rated voltage on the output side must not exceed 230 V (for three-phase transformers between the outer conductors). The transformers are used to supply medical rooms in hospitals and medical practices. Switching off due to overload is not permitted for these transformers. A monitoring system (temperature or current) with optical and acoustic signal must be provided to control the load.

Maximum Rated Values

Inrush current: 12-fold IN
Idle input current: max. 3% of IN
Short-circuit voltage UK: max. 3%
Power: 3.15 – 8 kVA