Single-phase Inrush current limiter
2 - 32 A

Inrush current limiters find widespread use in the field of electronics, electrical engineering, or more specifically in AC technology. As the term inrush current limiter already indicates, this technology is required at the moment of switch-on of electronic devices in order to protect them from high inrush current. At the moment of switching on, the inrush current of several multiples of the actual rated current can flow in a short time. Inrush current limiters are therefore used to prevent upstream fuses from blowing and to minimize high loads on capacitors.
Typenbezeichnung Einschaltstrombegrenzer

General construction features:

  • compact design in top-hat rail housing
  • up to 60 switching cycles per hour
  • Connections to 4mm² spring terminals
  • robust technology
  • wide voltage range
  • high current limitation
  • up to 25A with integrated temperature fuse
  • maximum current up to 32A
  • maximum voltage up to 480V
  • Available as 1-, 2- or 3-phase version
  • Dimensions: 50 x 103 x 102mm (WxHxD)