40 years of Breimer-Roth GMBH

The transformer factory Breimer-Roth GmbH has been founded on the 25th of January in 1975 in Erbach, Germany. The factory rose
because of its successful winding development. The founders proved foresight and invested in modern manufacturing technology.

In the 1990s, they’ve been equipped with multi-spindle lathes, half-automatic welding machines and also half-automatic test stations. At the same time they’ve installed modern factory data capture systems, that successfully collaborated with improved ERP systems to make overview of the whole processes possible within a single push of a button. Digitalisation and networking became of a prime importance. Already in 2013, we’ve decided to put our money on a modern ERP cloud based system and a high-speed internet connection, which connects with all machines and relevant data.

Our Investments in energy-efficient machines, optimised processes of production and hardware/software (AutoCad, Eplan) are the base of a promising future.