Forschung und Entwicklung bei Breimer-Roth

The future
starts with us

We invest in research to develop now what the
technology of tomorrow needs.
Breimer-Roth stands for the future - in transformation.
If you want to be fit for the future, you need to experiment and have to recognise the signals on the market. Supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, we are dedicated to the topics of the future and are researching solutions that will change transformer construction.
Bau von Transformatoren - Breimer-Roth

New generation of three-phase transformers

Transformers with high efficiency generate particularly high inrush currents. As part of the Central Innovation Program for SMEs, our technicians are researching a new generation of three-phase transformers with passive-intrinsic inrush current limiting. With consistently high efficiency of more than 98%, the inrush current limit should be limited to a maximum of 2 times the rated current. The tests and developments include three-phase transformers up to 1000kVA during continuous operation.
Innovationen bei Breimer-Roth

Ready for innovation

We implement the high demands on our products with modern machines. Our warehouses include machines for large production series of single-phase transformers such as multi-spindle winding machines and transformer core welding machines. In addition, we own machines for custom-made products up to 630kVA. Thanks to the technical know-how behind the technology, we are able to implement your customer requirements - also in a cost-optimised way

Digitalization in everyday work

Far too much time is lost due to complicated processes - time we would like to put into better service and more development capacity. In our operating business, we therefore work with modern tools that enable us to develop lean structures and handle inquiries smoothly. We see digitalization as a continuous development process that helps us to better meet your customer needs.